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Hot Water

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Getting the correct product ensures your hot water system will deliver the convenience and comfort you need in your home.

At Beachside Plumbing we deliver, repair and service a variety of hot water systems including electric, continuous flow and gas systems. We can also arrange a plumber to install your new Hot Waterer System if you are needing this service.

If you are unsure as to which one you need, one of our friendly staff can assist.

Hot Water System Services

  • Emergency Hot Water Plumber
  • Hot Water System Repairs & Maintenance
  • Hot Water System Installation & Replacement
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Typical hot water problems

  • No hot water

    This can be caused by a sediment build up in your pipes and will need to be fixed by a plumber

    • Leaking from the bottom of hot water tank

      If you notice a puddle of water at the bottom of your hot water tank it is highly recommended to call a plumber ASAP to avoid serious damage

      • Tank hot water taking longer than normal to reheat

        This may be due to a broken thermostat, a broken dip tube or bad burner/heating elements so a professional plumber will need to be called to fix the problem.

        • Discoloured water

          This can be a sign that your hot water system is potentially corroding from the inside and once a hot water system starts rusting, it’s often not long before it will burst a leak and cause damage to your home so the sooner you can have a plumber fix your problem, the better.

Our Process

We can fix your problem in 3 easy steps:


Our specialist plumbers are trained and accredited to assess and diagnose your job,

Provide a competitive quote. You will receive an upfront cost – no surprises!

and get to work to fix it fast

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      Choosing Hot Water Systems

      We know it is confusing deciding on what type of hot water system to choose. Our expert team of specialist plumbers can help you every step of the way making it easy for you and have you back under a hot shower ASAP.

      We can also provide regular maintenance checks for your system to mitigate against any potential issues further down the track – saving you time and money!

      We can repair and fix, or replace, all types of hot water heating systems:

      Hot Water Systems

      Electric Hot Water Systems

      Electric hot water systems are usually the cheapest to buy and install.

      But they can be expensive to run unless you have an Off-Peak Electric Hot Water System because the off-peak electricity tariffs are lower. If you are on continuous tariff, and the water is being heated all day, your electricity running costs on your water heater will be a lot higher.

      If you have one of the smaller 50ltr, 80ltr, 125ltr or 160ltr systems, you’re most likely to be on a continuous electricity tariff.

      If you have the larger sized 250ltr, 315ltr or 400ltr system, you’re most likely to be on off-peak.

      The other factor to consider with Electric Hot Water Systems is that electricity is considered to be a ‘dirty fuel type’ as 4 x more green House Gas emissions are created by heating water with electricity. Where possible, converting to gas or solar hot water are better choices.

      Houses that have solar panels on the roof can use environmentally created electricity by the sun. Turning your electrical hot water system into a green choice.

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      Hot Water Systems

      Gas Hot Water Systems

      With the cost of electricity on the increase, natural gas is not only more affordable, but far more environmentally friendly than the electric choices.

      Gas storage hot water is the most reliable and affordable choice for your home. Continuous Flow hot water systems suit homes that have above average water usage, or no space to fit a storage tank.

      One of the big advantages of a gas storage hot water system, is that when switched on, the heating begins instantly, unlike with electricity, which takes a little time to warm up. Gas also provides an advantage during bad weather or blackouts, by providing ongoing reliability during these times. And no one likes a cold shower!

      Choose your gas appliance by the star ratings. The more stars, the more efficient and cheaper to operate.

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      Hot Water Systems

      Solar Hot Water Systems

      Choosing the best solar hot water system will vary from home to home, as each household is different.

      People are perhaps most familiar with the solar hot water systems which are powered by panels mounted on top of roofs. These normally require a north facing roof and should be mounted in direct sunlight.

      On rainy and cloudy days, when power is not being generated, a typical solar hot water system reverts to using the household’s main power source and draws from the electricity or gas, depending what your house has on site.

      There are so many solar systems on the market these days which can make decision making difficult. If you are interested in solar hot water, give us a call and we will be happy to run you through the options available and find one to best suit your needs.

      Please be aware that a solar hot water system may cost twice the price of a standard gas or electric storage system, but the energy saved should pay back the additional installation cost over the life span of the system. These are typically a long term investment option but there are government rebates and incentives available to subsidise the installation costs. We can also provide information on this to help assist you.

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      Hot Water Systems

      Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

      Heat pump hot water systems are becoming a more popular choice for heating household water.

      They operate similarly to your refrigerator, but instead of absorbing the heat from the air and pumping it out a fridge to keep it cool, they pump the heat into the water.

      Whilst they run on electricity, they are approximately 3 x more efficient than conventional electric water heaters, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

      They are however more expensive to purchase and repair because they are more complicated and consist of more components and occupy a bigger space so not the best option if you lack space.

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      How long should my existing hot water system last?

      The life of hot water systems varies based on quality of the hot water cylinder, quality of the water supply, local water pressures and hot water demand of the property, amongst other things. The average life of a hot water system is 9 -12 years of age.

      Most appliances can be repaired and maintained for some time, however once the cylinder has burst, it is time to replace. Often once a hot water appliance has reached the 10-year mark and requires repair, it is worth considering to replace rather than repair, to give peace of mind the new unit will give many more years of reliability at often reduced running costs of the old appliance.

      Is There a Warranty on Hot Water Systems?

      Absolutely. Beachside Plumbing provide a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance which covers all workmanship for a period of up to 6 years. Depending on the hot water appliance you choose, manufacturers offer a product warranty of anywhere from 5 – 25 years.

      What size hot water system should I get?

      It is largely dependent on the size of your household and average water usage. You can call us to discuss in further detail and we will help you identify the right hot water system for your needs.

      What type of hot water system should I get?

      A high efficiency gas hot water system is one of the most economical types of water heaters, when operated on natural gas. Gas and electricity prices are rising, so if you have a conventional gas or electric hot water system that needs replacing, consider a more efficient gas or solar hot water system.

      There are a number of factors to consider including what energy source you prefer: Gas, Electric, Solar

      Can I switch type of hot water unit?

      If the new hot water system that is being installed is the same as the previous one, such as both using electricity to run, then it will not be too much of a problem to install. When the new system will run on different power and be a different model, such as gas to electric, then it will cost more.

      Additional work will need to be included in the hot water installation process. For example, new gas lines and gas fittings will need to be removed if an electric system is installed and new electrical lines will need to be installed. If you are installing a new gas hot water system for the first time you will need to ensure the plumber is a licensed gas fitter. You can feel assured that at Beachside Plumbing, we have licensed gas fitters.

      How much will it cost to replace my hot water system?

      Call us to talk to an expert who can assist you with a replacement.

      Contacting Beachside Plumbing will ensure the job is done properly and save you money in the long run.

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