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How to unblock a toilet


A blocked toilet is right up there as one of the “most unpleasant” household plumbing issues you can have. And it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time!

The most common cause of a blockage is excess waste and toilet paper or non-flushable items that become lodged in the toilet trap after they are flushed. So when there is a significant mass stuck in the toilet trap, the toilet keeps clogging as normally flushed material is more likely to catch and clog.

Or, if you have children, it is a great source of entertainment for them to flush whatever objects they can get their hands on down the toilet – toys, hair brushes, make up, toilet paper rolls and the list goes on!

Whatever the reason, to avoid making matters worse we recommend you call us at Beachside Plumbing on 9512 0007 so we can send one of our professional plumbers to fix your problem in no time at all.

We follow a 4 step elimination process when we arrive on site to ensure the problem is fixed as efficiently and effectively as possible:

1 – Plunging the Toilet

Sometimes a toilet can be unblocked using a plunger directly into the toilet if the object causing the blockage is organic in material and not a hard object like a kid’s toy. The plunger should force the existing water into the trap of the toilet and into the pipes and push the blockage out.
But if the blockage is troublesome and won’t budge, the next step is to use a Sewer Machine.

2 – Sewer Machine

The plumber will need to access the sewer pipe outside to be able to use the sewer machine. The general concept of a sewer machine is to feed a 32mm steel cable down a pipe to scour the inside as it spins. This machine will cut and remove any blockages from the pipe. This is a simple, quick and inexpensive process.

But if simple plunging or a sewer machine are unable to remove the blockage, a water jet would be used.

3 – Water jet

The high-pressure water will flush and remove all nasty blockages from your drains. This is the best and most effective way to clear the most blocked drains.
The water pressure is so powerful that along with removing all sorts of scum, grease, and other things that build-up in the pipes, this process can also remove mould and bacteria and is an environmentally safe way to clean your pipes and sewer lines.

And if all else fails, we have the ability to investigate the problem close up with a CCTV colour drain camera – which can provide colour photographic and DVD video footage of your drains.

4 – Drain Camera Inspections

Our Ridgid See Snake system can provide up to 60m video footage investigating the condition of concealed drains in buildings and below ground.
Understanding where the blockage is located, what has caused the blockage or issue and seeing the options available to resolve your issues are all achieved with a Drain Camera Inspection.

You can feel confident that we have the ability, knowledge and equipment to solve your problem – quickly!

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