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4 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing For Winter

With winter just around the corner, it is important to check that your plumbing is in top shape! You can save yourself a lot of time and money by ensuring you follow the below preventative measures before winter is upon us:

1. Gas Heater Service

Have any gas heaters at your property serviced to ensure they are operating in a safe manner and not producing poisonous carbon monoxide. Not only will this improve home safety, but it will also keep your heater working in top condition which will help you save $$$ on your gas bill.

2. Hot Water System Check

If you find your hot water system is under performing, don’t run the risk of a cold shower this winter – get your hot water system checked before it’s too late. Signs there may be something wrong with your hot water system:

  • Your hot water system is old
  • Smelly, discoloured or rusty water
  • Rumbling and weird noises from your hot water system
  • Leaking or puddles of water from your hot water system
  • Fluctuations in water temperature
  • Reduced water flow

3. Clean Your Gutters & Downpipes

We all know that autumn means leaves … which means blocked gutters. Gutter/downpipe maintenance is important because overflowing gutters can cause roof leaks and damage to the structure of the gutters and downpipes. However, it is one of those jobs that is overlooked … until it’s too late. We are often called out to fix costly ‘preventable’ problems, so it is a timely reminder to either clear them yourself or call us on 9512 0007 to help you ensure the job is done professionally.

4. Roof check

Roof leaks shouldn’t be ignored as they won’t go away … especially in winter in the middle of a downpour! There are only so many containers you can set up around your house to catch the leaks. Because they are difficult to DIY yourself, we strongly recommend you call in a professional plumber (like Beachside Plumbing!) to get the job done tight, the first time.

Now you know the top 4 ways to prepare your plumbing for winter. If these 4 issues are attended to, your property will be in the best condition to fight all that winter throws at it! If you’d like Beachside Plumbing to provide a quote or inspection of any of these issues at your property, call us on 9512 0007.

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