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“For more than 30 years, Beachside Plumbing has been trusted by the community to fix plumbing issues quickly, and right the first time”


We’ve handled virtually every sort of plumbing job you can think of … from installations, to routine maintenance, to blocked drains and pipes, to emergency leaks, burst pipes and much more.

Call Beachside Plumbing, and we’ll gladly talk about whatever plumbing emergency or maintenance job you’re up against.

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      Up to 20,000 litres of water per year can be wasted by a dripping tap – think about the impact this could have on your water bill! A simple replacement or repair will solve the problem in no time.

      We all know how painful a leaky tap is. Or even worse, a tap with no running water – especially when you realise the problem just as you go to get a drink of water, or take a shower! You can trust Beachside Plumbing to help fix your problem ASAP!

      If you need help with something that is not on the list of tap solutions below, simply call us on 9512 0007 and we will help you out.

      Leaking Tap Repairs

      The most common causes for leaks are:

      • Loose O-ring
      • Worn seals
      • Corrosion of the valve seat
      • Loose parts
      • Broken pipes
      • The age of your tapware
      • Your water pressure is too high
      • … or potentially a fault further down the line.

      Our plumbers will come to your property, assess the situation, diagnose the problem and fix it for you – problem solved, easy!

      New tap installations – Whether you are undertaking a renovation or simply replacing your tap wear for a new look, Beachside Plumbing are the plumbers to call for reliable and high-quality service every time – providing Extra Care On Every Job.

      Accessibility taps – we repair and fix all types of tap wear so if you have specialist taps that need attention, we are the plumbers right for the job.

      Other Services

      Roof Repairs

      Your roof provides protection against the elements so it is important to ensure it is in peak working condition – plus, there only so many buckets you can accumulate around the house to capture those roof leaks!

      It is often risky climbing on a roof yourself without experience or specialist equipment, so it is advisable to call a professional plumber to do the job for you. You can trust Beachside Plumbing to fix any roofing issues you have, no matter how big or small.

      We work in partnership with Colourbond to provide metal roofing solutions you can rely on. Metal roofs are affordable, extremely durable and can last 40 to 70 years.

      Beachside Plumbing can help with:

      Inspections – regular inspections are highly recommended as it helps you extend the lifespan of your roof and catch any potential issues before they become a bigger problem.

      Repair – having a leaky roof repaired sooner rather than later can save you time and money down the track. By the time you become aware of roof or gutter leaks, there’s a strong chance they have been developing for years and may have already caused significant structural damage not visible from the ground. Beachside Plumbing service is such an easy process, you will be pleased you called us – you can start enjoying listening to the rain on your roof again!

      Installation / Replacement – given roof issues are often not identified until it’s too late, a roof is beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

      Restoration – wanting to update the look of your house and potentially add value? You will be surprised how much difference a new roof can make.

      Common causes of roof leaks – and what to look for to determine the source:

      Metal roof – rust (particularly where the sheets of iron overlap and around nail holes) and loose sheets that flap in the wind.

      Tiled roof – although tiled rules generally don’t wear out, they require maintenance to prevent against leaks. Water leaks are mainly due to the mortar cracking and coming loose or the tile cracking.

      Signs your roof is leaking:

      • A streak of water running down an interior wall
      • An annoying drip from the ceiling
      • Loss of power (caused by water shorting out some electrical wiring)
      • A patch of water / mould on your ceiling
      • Swelling panels on your ceiling

      Other Services

      Bathroom Renovations

      Are you planning a bathroom renovation project?

      A plumbing partnership with Beachside Plumbing will save you stress, time and money as we have the experience and knowledge that is perfect for walking you through every step of the process. Ensuring the project is done right, the first time!

      Contacting Beachside Plumbing will ensure the job is done properly and save you money in the long run.

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