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Heating your home with gas

Gas heating is generally a safe way to keep your house warm. But if you don’t use your heater properly, it can spill carbon monoxide and become dangerous.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas you can’t see or smell.

When it spills from your gas heater, it can make you very sick or worse, be fatal for you and your family.

Any gas heater can spill CO – including old and new heaters, central heating units, space heaters, wall furnaces and decorative log fires.

To avoid the risk, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and the Victorian Building Authorty (VBA) recommends that all gas heaters are serviced at least every two years by a qualified gasfitter. A qualified gasfitter will inspect your heater and check its installation, including testing for CO leakage.

Use your gas heater safely

  • Have your heater serviced at least once every two years by a qualified gasfitter – you can check their licence online.
  • Check if your heater is affected by a safety alert. Some brands of gas heaters are no longer permitted.
  • Don’t use exhaust fans at the same time as your heater – this can create a negative pressure environment, drawing CO into your living spaces.
  • Never leave your heater on overnight or for extended periods.
  • Check for changes in how your gas heater operates, for example, if the flame changes from its usual colour. If there is any change, you must get a qualified gasfitter to inspect your gas heater and check it for CO leakage. If your heater is old, or hasn’t been serviced for several years, consider replacing it.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm as a back-up measure.
  • If your heater is old, or hasn’t been serviced for several years, consider replacing it.
  • Never use outdoor gas appliances designed for outdoor use inside your home, caravan, car or tent.
  • Know the symptoms of CO poisoning and act quickly if you notice them.
  • Do not attempt to fix your gas heater yourself – gas work is not a DIY project (you must call a qualified gasfitter).

At Beachside Plumbing, we have licensed gasfitters who can service and clean your gas appliance, inspect it for safety and provide a full Carbon Monoxide safety test.

Contact us today by clicking here or call us at (03) 9512 0007 and we can book this in for peace of mind that your heater is safe this winter!

For more information about how to safely use your gas heater, please visit the Energy Safe Victoria website by clicking here.

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