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5 Benefits of Having a Gas Ducted Heating System In Your Home

1. They Are A Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly System

Melbourne’s winters are cold! And with saving money on heating on most people’s minds, we are prone to just heating individual rooms based on their level of use. Whether it is using individual split systems, or stand alone heaters. What you may not realise, is this is actually an inefficient and costly way of heating your home. For a start these run on electricity, which is more expensive than gas. And with continuing advancements in technology, gas ducted heating systems are now very efficient and get a much better result, at a more economical price.

And because ducted heating systems come with efficiency ratings, this allows homeowners to choose their level of efficiency; the higher the level, the more efficient the unit is to operate.

2. They Efficiently Heat Your Entire Home

If you have ever had central or ducted heating, you will know how fabulous it is having the whole house heated! You don’t freeze every time you need to leave the room to go to the toilet! If this sounds lush to you, a gas ducted heating system can help you achieve your warm entire house goals.

The choice is also there though to simply designate individual rooms to heat if desired.

3. They create a High Level of Air Quality

Heaters that produce dry air can cause breathing issues or discomfort. You won’t get this with a gas ducted heating system – tick! Also, because the unit is generally placed outdoors, there are no fumes or smells that enter the home and the air is passed through filters which ensure that large particles are trapped and not circulating through ducts.

4. They Operate In Any Weather Condition

Ducted heating systems are resilient and can withstand different weather conditions. Your ducted heating system is built to still operate efficiently even though there are harsh temperatures outside.

You don’t have to worry about increasing electric bills caused by inefficient heating systems, regardless of the weather.

5. They Are Easy & Cost Effective To Install

Most gas ducted heating systems are relatively easy to install and won’t take our experienced team of plumbers long to have your home warm and cosy for the winter. We have had many years experience with gas ducted heating systems so you can feel assured you are in the right hands with Beachside Plumbing.

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