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Evaporative Coolers

Brivis Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative cooling uses the natural process of water evaporation to lower temperatures where fresh outdoor air is cleansed by the Evaporative Air Cooler’s filter pads. This purified air is distributed along ductwork throughout the home by a system which is more economical to run when compared with refrigerated ducted air conditioning.

Contour Series

  • Ideal for new homes & replacing evaporative air coolers
  • Range of popular colours to blend with your roofline
  • UV protected plastic casing
  • High efficiency with up to 130 mm thick evaporative cooling pads
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The sleek Brivis Contour™ is one of the most advanced Evaporative Coolers in its class, by delivering volumes of refreshing cool air without the large profile of traditional coolers. Designed to consistently deliver clean air, the system’s pre-wet cycle allows for fresh water to enter the cooler and begin soaking the cooling pads before the fan starts. This in addition to other features including robust UV protected plastic construction, quiet operation and efficient water management provides you with peace of mind and comfort all summer long.

Promina Series

  • Low profile sloping base
  • WinterSeal available to prevent heat escaping in winter
  • Super quiet axial fan
  • Available in three colours: Charcoal, Terra Red & Beige
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The Brivis Promina™ incorporates functional technology including an AutoRefresh water management system which controls the amount of fresh water added to the unit. Once a pre-determined number of fill cycles have been completed, the cooler will automatically flush the entire tank and refill it with clean, fresh water. When cooling is no longer required, the system will automatically run the FreshStart operation removing stagnant water and sediment before starting up again.

Advance Series

  • High efficiency cooling pads
  • Advance Plus models available with a ServoSeal
  • Available in three colours: Charcoal, Terra Red and Beige
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Contemporary in design, the Brivis Advance™/Brivis Advance Plus Series features a sloping trough which keeps the water constantly circulating through the system.

Its greater cooling pad surface area, excels in providing large cool airflow requirements within the home. This combined with variable fan speed settings, makes the Advance Series the ultimate in providing comfort suited to your needs. Encased in a tough plastic exterior, the Evaporative Cooler has efficient water management, quiet drive fan and a high capacity to keep you cool and comfortable when you need it most.

AD Bal Series

  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 29 compliant
  • Drain valve on all models
  • WinterSeal available
  • Available in three colours: Charcoal, Terra Red & Beige
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Designed to resist the harshest of nature’s challenges, the Brivis AD cooler can be installed in bush fire prone areas. The Brivis ‘Full Metal Jacket’ AD BAL has metal structural support with Stainless Steel ember protection, specifically engineered to meet Australian Standard Bushfire Attack Level 12.5 (AS1530).

If you intend to build, renovate or repair a home in an area with high bushfire risk, you will need to take this Australian Standard into account. Your builder, designer or architect will advise you on how best to achieve this.

The Brivis AD cooler also features sloping trough which keeps the water moving towards the pump and constantly circulating through the system, keeping it fresh and clean. Its variable fan speeds allow the cooler to run slowly when all you want is a gentle breeze.


Total home comfort at the touch of a button – the Brivis range of controllers are flexible and simple to use allowing you to keep in control of your Gas Ducted heater, Evaporative Cooling or Add-On Ice.

Brivis Touch

  • Touchscreen display
  • ZonePlus compatible
  • Diagnostic and Service notifications
  • Touch Wi-Fi Compatible
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The Brivis Touch™ is the latest innovation in climate control, allowing you to create total home comfort with pure simplicity.

The ability to control your Brivis Ducted Gas Heater, Evaporative Cooler and Dual Comfort system is at your fingertips with the sleek Brivis Touch™, high-resolution colour touchscreen controller.

It’s that simple. The culmination of many years of development, the Brivis Touch™ combines the best engineering and technology into one interface. Taking the smarts from previous generation Brivis controllers, we’ve eliminated the complexities of conventional programmable controllers, without compromising on features and functionality.

Brivis Touch WIFI

  • Control from anywhere
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android
  • Utilises Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  • Multi user – total control for everyone
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Control in the palm of your hand.

Introducing the new Brivis Touch Wi-Fi Kit allowing you the ultimate comfort and control of your gas ducted heater, evaporative and add-on cooling. Utilising your home Wi-Fi network you can now control your Brivis and Rinnai systems from almost anywhere!

Brivis Networker

  • Advanced Functionality
  • Compatible with Rinnai Climate products
  • Easy-to-use rotary dial
  • Touch Wi-Fi Compatible
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The Networker is designed with an easy-to-use rotary dial, an easy-to-read LCD screen and is backlit using Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology, making the screen easier to read in poorly lit areas or at night.

The Networker can operate both a Brivis ducted gas heater as well as a Brivis cooling system, providing total control.

Brivis Manual

  • Simple thermostat operation
  • Ducted Gas Heating only
  • Large easy to read display
  • LCD display
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The Manual Controller is a simple to use heating only thermostat with a large easy to read digital display.

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